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JUAN PARROCHIA BEGUIN is an architect, graduated from the University of Chile (1953), and

Urbanist, graduated from St Lucas University College, Belgium (1955). He participated in programs

of the Ministry of Reconstruction and Urbanism of France (1953-1954). He perfected himself in

USA (1963); France, Germany, and Italy (1968); Mexico and Canada (1969). He was Professor of

Transportation, Metropolitan Planning, Regional Planning and Thesis Workshop in the Faculty of

Arquitecture and Urbanism (F.A.U) at University of Chile for four decades. As an official of M.O.P.T

(Ministry of Public Works and Transport) of Chile, he participated in development plans of Santiago,

Valparaiso, Concepción and Valdivia, as well as in the Desert Defense Plan, in the Infrastructure

of Major Copper Mine and the National Irrigation Plan. He directed several proposals on national

roads: in the Austral Region, the Chilean Plateau, Los Lagos Region, in the coastal roads of the

North and South, and international proposals of the Marginal Highway of the Jungle, from Arica

to Venezuela, and Tropical Highway from Antofagasta to Santos. Expert in Urban Development of

United Nations. Advisor to the Municipality of Quito, Ecuador on Transport and Green Areas (UN

Missions Centennial Quito, 1989-93). He held various public office positions: First Director of an

Inter-communal Plan of Santiago, since its adoption (1960). Director of Planning and Urbanism

of the M.O.P (Ministry of Public Works), and author and director of the Metro projects and the

Fundamental Network of Urban Road of Santiago. In 1970 was head of the Economic Mission for

the Construction of Metro de Santiago. First Director of Planning and Budget of Public Works and

Transport of the National Planning Office. First Director of National Urban Roads. First Director

General of Metro, Urban Road and National Urban Transport Study. First Director General of Metro

de Santiago, until its opening in 1975.  He is the author of several books and numerous articles

and papers, among the first you can find “Santiago in the third quarter of the twentieth century:

Metropolitan Transportation in Chile, embodiments of Metro and Urban Roads “ (1980). He has

received numerous awards for his professional work, including: 1970 “Officer of the Order of May

for Merit” Award from the Argentine Government for the work of International Road segment Los

Andes-International Border; Medals: Metro of Sao Paulo (1974) and Metro of Paris (1975), for his

work in Santiago of Chile Metro. In 1996 he was awarded the NATIONAL PRIZE OF URBANISM

(Chile, in the year of its establishment).