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In order to translate the concept of the seven worlds of the Easter Island to formulas of

Administration and Government, there are numerous valid alternatives that maintain the

essence and the objective that guides the central idea of this proposal.

The seven islands are only one Easter Island. The whole Easter Island belongs to each one

of these seven islands. Each island has equal right to fight for its past, its present and its


In general, the Authority of each island must have a total autonomy, independence and

responsibility for its decisions within the concert of agreements that the seven islands may

take together as a Confederation with superposed territories.

The authority of each island, and all its dependent personnel, must be chosen from the

most illustrated and selected people of their specialty in the country. They must have the

knowledge, the experience, the efficiency, the balance, the dedication and the love in the

maximum verified level. They must have real abilities as statesmen and humanists.

Each authority must have the respect and the recognition of its conditions among the

greater levels of each specialty in the country and overseas.

This authority, in each one of the seven islands, should raise directly from the National

Executive Authority or through the superior organisms of the State that this power considers

advisable to act as intermediary.  It will have to render and to take responsibility of its

performance before the island and them.

It is advisable to renew or reelect these authorities for periods not longer than 4 years, with

the intention of causing agility, efficiency and responsibility.

Each one of those authorities would have, as well, to be the administrator of its own “task” in

a direct way, as the high chief of a professional and administrative service, which financing

could be made independently or through the superior organism to which they report.

The seven confederate authorities could choose, in a rotating way, a president among them,

with the only intention of ordering the debates of the Confederation and to represent it in

public acts, for periods not longer than two years. 

The general functions of the Government could be grouped in a Technical Administrative

Secretary under the supervision of the Confederation.

Because of the world-wide relevance of Easter Island, this so special Confederation must

depend directly on the Executive authority, as a State Secretary. It would give importance

and hierarchy to its decisions, would facilitate the coordination with the national organisms

and would strengthen its international relations.

With respect to the local governments, it seems recommendable, in this scheme, to limit

them to functions of citizen expression, request, consensus and information and not to

executive functions. On the other hand, it would be recommendable to increase the number

of municipalities as the territory is developed, in representation of each existing and

proposed establishment.

These Municipalities with Mayors and councilmen, to be able to hear majorities and