A Voyage Towards the South Pole, and Round the World Vol. II

Book III. From Ulieta to New Zealand. 13
I. Passage from Ulieta to the Friendly Isles… 13
II. Reception at Anamocka… 25
III. The Passage from the Friendly Isles to the New Hebrides… 41
IV. An account of the Discovery of Several Islands… 64
V. An Intercourse established with the Natives… 83
VI. Departure from Tanna... 109
VII. The Survey of the Islands continued… 125
VIII. An account of the Discovery of New Caledonia... 143
IX. A Description of the Country and its Inhabitants… 160
X. Proceedings on the Coast of New Caledonia… 176
XI. Sequel of the Passage from New Caledonia to New Zealand… 196
Book IV. From leaving New Zealand to our Return to England. 219
I. The Run from New Zealand to Terra del Fuergo… 219
II. Transactions in Christmas Sound… 235
III. Range from Christmas Sound round Cape Horn… 250
IV. Observations, geographical and nautical… 260
V. Proceedings after leaving Staten Land… 273
VI. Proceedings after leaving the Isle of Georgia… 292
VII. Heads of what has been done in the voyage… 309
VIII. Captain Furneaux's Narrative of his Proceedings… 321
IX. Transactions at the Cape of Good Hope 334
X. Passage from St. Helena to the Western Islands 342
XI. Arrival of the Ship at the Island of Fayal 353
Tables of the Route of the Resolution and Adventure 365
A Vocabulary of the Language of the Society Isles 387
A Table, exhibiting, at one view, Specimens of different Languages… 436
Letter from John Ibbetson… 439
A Discourse upon some late improvements… 441