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With a normal and well oriented development process it is feasible to get to have around

15.000 resident inhabitants in the island, evenly distributed in the primary, secondary and

tertiary activities, in addition to a floating population of 2.000 to 3.000 people at all time

of the year.

With respect to architecture it is necessary to find some elements of simple design and

noble construction materials that match completely the characteristics of the island, of its

inhabitants and its climate. The “local color”, the form, the functionality that expresses with

dignity a present that has a so noble past must be found.

The “box” house with pitched roofs, the galvanized iron, channeled tiles, the board wood do

not seem to contain the answer that we are looking for.

Red, black, green and gray volcanic stones worked in great blocks at sight, limiting their

humidity absorption and its capacity to shelter insects, the intermediate spaces, the

ventilation, cross-sectional, the small windows, the great shades, the marine and volcanic

perspective, the patriarchal relations, the common home, etc., seem to contain part of the

solution that we wish to find.

In the urban aspect we must also look for the agglutinating elements that associate the

community, that produce the sufficient friction so that the genius and the talent can

prospers.  There is a lack of continuity in the conformation of the greater space that can

gather the houses, there is a lack of hard spaces, squares, places for the encounter with

attractive and authentic landmarks, there is lack of shades, there is a lack of frames and

perspective, there is need for urban architecture at village level.

Amazingly, it is impossible at the moment to take a photography that represents Hanga-

Roa or any other place with a name. Perhaps the leprosarium is the only exception.

With the requirements provided by each one of the islands, the one that is responsible for

composing the structure as a whole is the Territorial Island, in which each one of them will

be developed. The Territorial Island is the one that must perform the Director Plan of the

island and adjust it to the requirements that the remaining islands consider suitable for

their own development.

4.-The Fishing Island

The implantation of this island in the middle of the immense ocean, rich in marine species

of fish, seafood, seaweed and chorales allows to consider it as a factory-boat anchored in

the sea

With a suitable harbor infrastructure, in one or several creeks equipped as fishing ports, and

a number of high seas fishing boats of greater draught, tonnage and autonomy, this island

can be the base of an industry of great future in our national scheme of taking advantage of

the wealth of the sea

The perspective of the operation of the marine mineral resources is also a potential to be