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2.- The tourist island

This island holds numerous tourist resources at universal level, with the condition of “

exotic “, “ unique “, “ historical “, “ prestigious “ and “ cosmic “.

These tourist resources are provided fundamentally by each one of the other islands and

must be operated, administered and equipped by the Tourist Island.

The archaeological island will provide a certain selected number of restorations, without

repairs nor adjustments, for the general, non-specialized, tourism, located in different

points of the island and with clear selection of age and cultural periods. “Ayus”, villages,

ceremonial places, houses with their surroundings of hen houses, culture fields and homes,

caverns, quarries, parks, creeks, markets, etc. All in a sufficient number to cause the visual

impact required and the objective image of the historical and prehistoric reality of the

Easter Island’s culture.

At the same time, for the selective tourism, the archaeological island can provide areas with

investigation material, in the state in which they are, without recovering, but with facilities

for the observation and the analysis.

The museum or museums of the Archaeological Island, as well as the very University

Research Center, laboratories, exclusive excavation, study days and the investigator

represent other tourist resources that must be considered as possible contributions to the

Tourist Island. 

This one must coordinate these contributions with all the other tourist resources that the

other islands provide along with its own ones in order to administer themand to equip them,

within volcano landscapes, marine landscapes, suburban, urban and rural landscapes.

This island must aim at solving the problem of the lodging and food for the great tourism

and the youth tourism on the basis of village pensions, small hotels and shelters of moderate

costs, without damaging the small hotels and luxury hotels for the tourism of the wealthy

and exclusive classes.

This island must provide an easy and comfortable accessibility to its tourist resources

and complement it all with texts, stories, planes and information that can be required to

communicate in a brief time the maximum of the great values that this territory contains. 

The non-specialized tourism also requires exotic beaches to complement the image of the

tropical islands that exists in the world. It is essential to shorten the “distance-time “ of

white beaches of Anaquena, flanked with coconut palms (planted), and to immediately put

them to the disposition of the tourist and not to leave them as an adventure stroll several

hours away along a bad road. It is necessary to equip them with a creek for yachts and

spaces for aquatic sports, entertainment, restaurants, cafeteria, hotels and housing. There,

a resort that can be the base of a new nucleus of human settlement in the island must be


It is not impossible to structure other similar beaches, in the South Coast and the West

Coast, with artificial or caused sands, of colors that can go from black to red according to

the geologic characteristics of the ground of the island.

The relaxation of beaches with tropical landscape located with sobriety, without denying